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NAACP Image Award Nominee Lynae Vanee is a multifaceted performer, poet, influencer, writer, and actress hailing from Atlanta, Georgia. A graduate of Spelman College and Boston University with a Master's Degree in African American Studies, Lynae uses her digital platforms to speak on racefeminism, politics, and inclusivity. Lynae’s viral videos have garnered over 20 million views across platforms and has garnered the attention of several celebrities, major networks, and the general public.


Highlighted in the LA Times and Bustle, Lynae has built her brand on "keeping it black but keeping it brief" offering critical context on today's issues in a succinct and stylized manner.


Lynae has collaborated with various brands such as Meta, TargetRevoltTommy Hilfiger, and Netflix, to name a few. She has also been a featured guest on The Cross Connection with Tiffany Cross and appeared in the 2021 Amazon Prime television special "Yearly Departed".

"You have to show people how to imagine you. Otherwise you'll be limited to their imagination."

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